Summer Camp

Here is some helpful information regarding the summer program. 

The Summer program at Frisco Montessori School is designed to allow our students to continue their Montessori Education at a more relaxed pace in addition to the added fun activities and themes/ camps.  A detailed calendar will be sent home listing all activities scheduled for both months, June and July. 


– Extended care is ONLY for students enrolled in Full Day Program.

– If you need occasional AM or PM care please inform the school, additional charges will be added to your weekly tuition. 


· Parents have the option to order lunch from WHOLESOME FOOD catering services or send lunch with your child. For more information on the catering process, please copy and paste one of the links below. 




· Snacks will be provided by the school. 


· During the summer time uniforms are not required. Children may wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Please refer to the parent / Student handbook for summer attire regulations.


· Unfortunately, there are no field trips scheduled for this summer. 


· We are still accepting registration for the summer camps. Please email us or stop by the office if you need to fill out the registration forms. 


· June 6th, summer session I starts 

· June 17th, Donuts with Dads (9:00 am – 10:00 am at the school). Invitation will be sent via email.

· June 30th, last day of summer session I

· July 1st staff development school closed / No Extended Care

· July 4th Independence Day school closed / No extended Care

· July 5th, summer session II starts 

· July 29th, last day of summer session II 

· August 1s – 3rd Extended Care for students enrolled in full day program ONLY

· August 4th – 9th Staff / Teacher’s Orientation / & In- Service school closed / No Extended Care

· August 10th, First Day of Fall Semester 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or call us at (972) -712 – 7400. 

I thank you for being patient with us throughout all these changes and I look forward to meeting all of you soon. 

Have a wonderful and safe memorial weekend!

Fahima Rouabah

Head of School