Pre-Primary - 18 months - 3 1/2 years Our main objective in the Pre-Primary classrooms is to guide the children in developing independence and establishing a foundation for academic skills. Students learn the basics of managing themselves within a community and work alongside one another as their social skills progress. Coordination and a sense of order is worked on along with increased coordination of large and fine motor skills. We see growth in the amount of time spent focusing and sustaining attention which is required for future academic learning. The toddlers develop a sense of order, and with their increased independence, their confidence soars. In the Pre-Primary classrooms, children explore their multi-sensory Montessori environment which is stimulating and rewarding. Friendships are forged as the children learn to communicate and express their desires through improved language and social skills.

The Pre-Primary classroom is a nurturing environment where toddlers enjoy exploring their interests as well as discovering new learning opportunities. Pre-Primary students are:

  • Introduced to monthly units of study aimed at exposing them to relevant vocabulary words. Language and communication skills are cultivated on a daily basis through interactions with their caregivers as well as with their peers.

  • Developing life skills and a sense of independence separate from their parents and caregivers. This includes washing hands, putting on a coat, and toilet training when the time is applicable.

  • Developing strong gross motor skills when exploring the classroom and playground  environments.

  • Strengthening fine motor skills while drawing, transferring, and manipulating objects.

  • Introduce toddlers to a social setting to develop appropriate social behaviors, such as sharing and respect for other children as well as respect for their learning environment.

Our Pre-Primary Program incorporates the fundamental philosophy of Montessori learning with various special classes throughout the day. The Pre-Primary class enjoys Music, Spanish, and Gardening, providing them with a complete, well-rounded education.

The Pre-Primary Program is for children 18 months-3 1/2  years of age.


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