School Programs

INFANTS - 10 weeks to 17 months

Pre-Primary (18 months - 3 1/2 Years)

FMS’s Pre-Primary Program’s main objective is to guide the children in developing independence, coordination, concentration, and order in a loving environment.  In the Pre-Primary classrooms, children explore using their senses in a learning atmosphere that is stimulating and rewarding. 

Primary - Pre-K & K (3-6 Years)

FMS’s Primary Program continues to build on the cycle of learning designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive years by utilizing concrete materials.

Lower Elementary - 1st - 3rd Grade
Upper Elementary - 4th - 6th Grade

FMS’s Elementary Programs encourages children to function at the upper limits of their potential.  The Montessori materials offer open-ended exploration and avenues for self-expression, which allow children to progress according to individual abilities and skills. 


Frisco Montessori School offers an excellent supplemental curriculum for all ages and programs which compliment and enhance our overall Montessori curriculum.

Before & After care

Before and after school care is available for an additional monthly fee. For more information please contact the school office. 


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